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Would you like to open up the market for embedded digital home services?

Livisi enables companies from different industries to develop services that support, inspire and excite their customers.

Livisi – We bring your products and services to the ΙoT

We enable companies and service providers to participate in and benefit from the growing market for digital home services. Together with our partners, we drive the development of the market and ensure interconnected homes with intelligent devices and individual services.

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Work cross-industries

Livisi offers you a seamless IoT ecosystem that connects different industries. Thus, we ensure optimised value creation for all involved partners. You cooperate on a digital level with market leaders and creative minds from various segments.

You can rely on us

We always focus on data protection based on state-of-the-art German technology and build on fair relations based on partnership. In doing so, we ensure a transparent revenue share, enable co-designing of digital services and the use of shared customer access.

Meet new customers

Livisi gives you seamless access to already existing as well as new users of digital home services. We open up new revenue opportunities and the opportunity to sharpen your digital profile.

Benefit from strong partners

Through Livisi, parts of the revenue from digital added-value services are shared between the involved partners. Both, service and hardware partners, benefit from new and existing customers. We support the development of services as well as the connection of hardware.

Data security is our top priority

Our services are extensively monitored and have internationally acknowledged safety and quality certificates. Above all, we set new standards for the protection of our customers and give them full control over stored data.

in collaboration with our strong partners

We build the future Internet of Things