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An end-to-end ΙoT platform

The market for smart homes and intelligent digital services is undergoing a radical change. Today, consumers can easily access a variety of technical offers and a lot more products with intelligent interfaces are launched. The foreseeable consequence: a significant decline in hardware margins. The focus is shifting to IoT-related services. Up to now, however, it has hardly been possible to develop business models for cross-device services. The main reason for this was a lack of a central, high-performance infrastructure that could securely and reliably link services and hardware.

We are changing that with Livisi

Livisi offers the first cross-hardware IoT infrastructure and supports you in developing your own digital services and products – from backend to touch-points with your existing or new customers. We individually adapt our services to your business model or collaborate closely in order to develop completely new models.

Livisi is your ΙoT infrastructure provider

Livisi provides you with a platform that enables comprehensive digital services for modern living. Together, we identify an ideal point of entry into the digital world of your potential or existing customers. This is the core of Livisi: the ecosystem of IoT services and partners.


We enable intelligent services across all industries and allow the integration of IoT devices into our Livisi platform.

A scalable ecosystem

We offer cross-industry partnerships for hardware experts, digital champions and consumer brands. Through this added value, we create wide-range scalability, spanning across many digital services.

100% digital

Each customer interaction is completely and seamlessly digital. We offer our partners a digital backend with guaranteed data security, based on state-of-the-art German technology, and - in the near future - an innovative IoT app store.

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Sebastian Kaczynski
Business Director

Livisi GmbH c/o innogy SE
Baumstrasse 25, 45128 Essen
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